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it hubs in india: Indias Push to Expand Hardware Production Capacity, IT Sector Profile

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The state is also home to over 20 percent of India’s IT manufacturers – creating an ecosystem favorable to IT services companies as well. By 2020, Andhra Pradesh was expected to attract US$6.4 billion in new foreign investments. The capital of West Bengal is financially and commercially the most important city in East India. Global software companies such as Sun Microsystems, Honeywell, Accenture and Cognizant have offices in the area. Pune is a popular city located in the state of Maharashtra which is formerly known as Poona.

The Transformation in technology like cloud computing, artificial intelligence , machine learning, robotics, Internet of Things , and virtual reality is raising the lifestyle of Humans in every aspect. Today, we will discuss some top Information Technology Hubs and Cities in the world of all time. In 2020, the IT industry accounted for eight percent of the country’s GDP and the employment of 138,000 new persons. The IT industry is the largest contributor to India’s total exports.

The NCR region consists of a number of Multinational corporations and software based companies. Delhi IT Park is a Software technology Park which is home to National Informatics Centre , Retail Bank Branches and Genpact, a global management and services corporation. The DLF IT Park offers best in class workspace and infrastructure making it one of the top modern cities of India. Gurgaon is one of the most prosperous cities in India with numerous Indian and international conglomerates most of which belong to the list of Fortune 500. The NCR region together serves as a complete industrial and technological hub with deemed education and research institutes and healthcare services. The three regions are well connected by transport buses and fast rail metro service.

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As with other countries Austin continues to serve as one of the top companies’ hubs for technology and innovation. There were a total of 46 new tech companies established in Austin by 2018 and in the upcoming year that is 2020’s that was translated to 4,648 new jobs. And if we see Seattle there are 8 major tech hubs studied including Seattle, San Francisco, Baltimore, Boston, Austin, Washington, D.C., San Jose, and Raleigh. The Government setting up a tech park called GIFT City in Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar, Pune becoming a smart city, and Chennai emerging as a host to entrepreneurial discussions and events—smaller cities are gaining traction. Cheap land rates, low cost of living, remarkable talent yet to be utilized, and lucrative government policies have made these cities the future of the Indian startup ecosystem. BookMyShow, JustDial, and Cleartrip are only scratch the surface of the plethora of startups to have emanated from this sea-facing city.

Since April 2000 to March 2021, has received FDI worth US$71.05 billion in computer software and hardware. Consolidated global manufacturing revenue of the applicant in the base year should be greater than US$1 million for the target segment or greater than US$2 million for electronics hardware products/sub-assemblies/components. Consolidated global manufacturing revenue of the applicant in the base year should be greater than US$6 billion for the target segment or greater than US$1 billion for electronics hardware products/sub-assemblies/components. Besides this, several IT SEZs have been established in the city’s adjacent suburban districts of Noida and Gurugram/Gurgaon , which make up part of the National Capital Territory region.

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GIS – based map displaying available infrastructure for setting up business operations in the state. There are 1150+ active Indian SaaS companies; 17 of which have achieved the unicorn status. We provide this link to Google Translate as a courtesy to visitors.

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The beginning of the 21st century saw the mammoth growth of internet-based multinational companies in Bangalore. The IT industry of Bangalore grew rampantly in this phase, as many regional, national as well as international IT companies began establishing their offices in the city. The 2001 edition of BusinessWeek magazine showcased the various developments and highs of Bangalore by tracing its IT industry and titled Bangalore as the Silicon Valley of India.

A nascent stage startup is no different from a toddler—it needs to be nurtured with utmost care and conditioned for tackling the challenges that lie ahead. To provide this grooming, several cities in India are preparing themselves for incubating and bolstering entrepreneurial ventures. One of the major concerns of expats in Rome is the availability of the requisite quality of education for their…

Tidel Park—one of the largest software parks in Asia—was set up on 4 July 2000 in Chennai. Bengaluru is followed by Mumbai and Delhi-NCR, India’s financial hub, both paying an average salary of Rs 9 lakh. Hyderabad (Rs 8.5 lakh per year) and Chennai round out the top five Indian cities with the best field-wide jobs opportunities.

Further, such as Airoli in Navi Mumbai, iGate knowledge park has developed a strong IT ecosystem for employees of IT professionals from across the country. We have a list of IT export state in India that we discuss more details on it. Explore best deals in food, salons, spa and hotels in your favourite city. Maverick is the official marketing and strategy club of IBS Hyderabad which thrives on thinking out of the box.

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The Technopark in Thiruvanthapuram consists of A-listed IT companies which makes Kerala a technologically advanced city. Infosys, Tech Mahindra, Wipro, HCL Technology, and many more companies are located in the IT parks of Chennai. Bangalore is also known as the “startup capital of India”; the city is home to 44 percent of all Indian unicorn startup companies as of 2020. In 2022, companies within the sector faced significant employee attrition and intense competition in hirings. Indian IT revenues grow fastest in a decade to $227 billion in COVID-19 pandemic -hit FY22. The IT–BPM sector overall employs 5 million people as of March 2022.

  • London is located at the bank of Thames River, where the London Eye observation wheel provides panoramic views of the South Bank cultural complex and the entire city.
  • At 30-32% of industry revenue, digital revenues grew five times the rate of overall services growth.
  • Gujarat International Finance Tec-City has become the first global financial administration community in India.

Karnataka houses the fourth largest technology cluster, which includes over 3,500 companies that contribute to over US$32 billion in exports. The sector provides direct employment to one million and creates indirect jobs for three million IT professionals. By 2020, Karnataka was expected to become the largest IT cluster globally.

India’s IT industry growth drivers

The it hubs in india has workplaces of worldwide programming organizations like Sun Microsystems, Honeywell, Accenture, and Cognizant. DLF IT Park in Rajarhat is a new & forthcoming IT and private center with a fantastic network toward the southern and northern locales of Kolkata. Technopolis in Salt Lake City is another IT center home to numerous conspicuous firms like TCS, Wipro, and IBM – that utilize more than 1 lakh individuals.


There are approx 300+ IT companies present in Hyderabad that include TCS, HP, Dell, Wipro, Infosys, etc. India is a leading Hub of the IT sector and computer science, where technological innovations are reshaping the world. Today, we will discuss some top Information Technology Hubs and Cities in India of all time. The growth in information technology has helped India to reach a global standard.

Tech Cities In India

The lack of an international airport has hampered its further growth as the IT hub of India. The IT-BPM industry’s (excluding e-commerce) total revenue crossed the $200 Bn mark to reach $227 bn in FY2022. The export revenue from this industry (excluding e-commerce) has been estimated at close to $178 Bn in FY2022. Between April 2000 and September 2022, it attracted over $91.79 Bn.

IT Hubs in India

Among all the metropolitan cities, Kolkata has the cheapest cost of living in India. Infosys, and Net Solutions have helped to make the city an important mechanical centre point of Northern India. Due to an ample amount of qualified manpower in Chandigarh, this place is favoured by business and IT companies. This area is one of the preferred options for IT companies because of its amenities and space. Sun Microsystems, Cognizant, and Accenture are located in Kolkata. “HCL Tech beats Wipro to become India’s third largest IT company”.

It is the destination for the Microsoft development center in India. Hyderabad is the largest bioinformatics hub in India and is also known as the Cyberabad. Hyderabad is the capital of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana is present in the southern zone of India. Keeping the IT companies aside, it is a popular tourist spot popular for Char Minar.

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